Vultures Over Low Doves

by 11th Hour Audio

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Sometime back in September 2015 we decided we wanted to produce a quick horror audio drama, just for fun. We asked some of the fellow audio drama producers living in the Northeast if they wanted to be a part of some World Audio Drama Day mayhem. The response was a resounding “Hell Yes!”, and 11th Hour Audio Productions was born.
Twenty-three different people, representing eleven different audio drama and podcast production groups converged to celebrate what we love about modern audio drama…
Standing around and looking confused; I mean… telling stories.

Buffalo writer, Justin Mullane, volunteered a script idea he had been kicking around for a while and within a week, had written 30-minutes of strange, horrific fun. With the rough draft in hand Monique Boudreau began editing the script for audio, while Matthew Boudreau and Richard Wentworth began casting.
In a very short time they had almost all of the roles cast and Mr. Wentworth began location scouting, while Aural Stage Studios, Inc. began gathering equipment and sound props.
On October 23rd we traveled to historic Lowell, Massachusetts to meet up with some outstanding, creative and crazy people to create a little last minute mischief and horror.

On this special day for Audio Drama we would just like to take a moment to thank every person who volunteered their time, energy and enthusiasm for this project! This show was made entirely out of determination, schmeared with love (or was it insanity?) for nothing more than the opportunity to meet and greet some fantastic people in Audio Drama.


released October 31, 2015

Written by
Justin Mullane

Starring Michael McQuilkin and Seana Carmody

Rich Wentworth
Steve Schneider
Bryan Lincoln
Sarah Golding
Matthew McLean
Owen McCuen
Robert Cudmore
Sibby P Wieland
Matthew J Boudreau
Pete Lutz
Katey Falvey
David Jarvis

Score by
John Carl Toth
Music by
Matthew and Javert Boudreau
VWT (Lucas Messier)
Ithaca Studios

Dialog Editing by Eli McIlveen

Sound Design and editing by Matthew J Boudreau

Script Editing and Artwork by Monique Boudreau

Production Crew
Henry Wentworth
Matthew J Boudreau
Fred Greenhalgh’s Rode NT4
Rich Wentworth
Scott Hickey
Bryan Lincoln
Pete - Throat Warbler Mangrove Sweet Butts -Lutz
Audrey Wentworth
Javert Boudreau
Steve Schneider’s Shovel
The Watermelon
Rebekah White
Mr. Body
Katey Falvey

Eleventh Hour Audio would like to thank Mill Number 5 in Lowell, Massachusetts for their support. To learn more about this unique location and to see a list of their upcoming events, visit Mill Number Five dot com.



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Aural Stage Studios Buffalo, New York

Join producers Matthew and Monique Boudreau as they collaborate with talent from all over the globe to bring you stories and informative discussions on sound design for audio drama and film production.

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